About Me

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I've been obsessed with movement for my entire life. First as a child taking ballet lessons, and then delving into other styles of dance as a teen. What began as a hobby became a professional passion when I decided to pursue dance as a career. My four years in University, spent performing and studying dance, opened my eyes to all sorts of somatic practices and inspired the beginnings of what would become a lifelong fascination with the inner workings of the human body. Anatomy, Biomechanics, Physiology, Kinesiology...there's so much to know, and one can always delve deeper!

I came to the Pilates Method after a severe back injury (a lumbar disc herniation) prevented me from dancing for several months. At my worst, I got down onto the floor of a dance studio and could not get back up, couldn't even move an arm without excruciating pain. During and after my recovery, I noticed how much stronger my body felt when I was consistently maintaining a Pilates practice. I would later learn that it was years of poor posture and a weak, unstable core that had largely contributed to my injury, and that chronic instability - not any sort of accident - had been the true culprit. Eventually, while living in New York City and working as a contemporary dancer, my curiosity led me to investigate further into the Method and I became a certified Pilates instructor. I am certain that without my Pilates training, I would no longer be dancing. My body and I have not looked back since.

It's amazing to me how having information about your body's mechanics can totally change your physical experience! The WHAT, WHY, and HOW of exercise is just as important as doing the activity. Since my certification I continue to study Pilates and other systems of movement, researching and traveling to learn from experts, continually adding to my movement-teaching arsenal. I am always looking to add other perspectives to enhance the students' learning experience and to be able to speak to each body's individual needs. In August 2017 I completed my first comprehensive Yoga Teacher Training, which focused on functional movement and alignment, as well as Vinyasa, Pranayama (breath work), Self-Development and Meditation. My goal as a teacher is to share as much information as possible with my students and to make that information simple and accessible, allowing you to be informed and feel empowered to take control of your own body, your mind and, by extension, your life.


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  • 600 Hour Contemporary Pilates Certification: Reformer, Cadillac, Chair, Ladder Barrel, Props, and Mat; The Fitness Guru with Genna Baroni & Michael Feigin, Brooklyn, NY, USA

  • 200 Hour RYT - Functional Hatha Vinyasa Yoga with Rocky Heron of YOGAMAZÉ; YogaCircle Berlin, Berlin, DE

  • BFA Dance - Ballet Pedagogy Emphasis, Magna Cum Laude; The Hartt School at the University of Hartford, West Hartford, CT, USA

  • Biomechanics of Movement & Kinesthetic Anatomy with Irene Dowd; New York, NY, USA

  • Prenatal and Postnatal Protocols; Progressive Pilates Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY, USA

  • Workshops and Continuing Education with Tom Myers, Mary Bowen, Leslie Kaminoff, and more

  • Barre Fitness Training; BECYCLE, Berlin, DE

  • Student of Countertechnique, Gyrotonic, and Alexander Technique; various international workshops