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ZÜRICH at citypilates

September 8, 2019

Breath, Space, awareness: updating the pilates principles

This two-hour workshop explores the intrinsic and integral connection between functional breathing, alignment, and Pilates “core work.” By demystifying the true meaning of “the core” and how deeply it is supported by breath, we can achieve a deeper and healthier core connection within both classical and contemporary Pilates movement. By shifting perspective, your Pilates practice is reinvigorated — more exciting, more challenging — and can naturally encourage a release of excess tension, increased pelvic floor health, easeful postural improvements, and more.

Investment: 90 CHF

Register to join me at the gorgeous Citypilates Zürich — a fantastic space for contemporary movement — via this link.

bebarre 60-hour teacher training


The next comprehensive Barre Teacher Training in Berlin, Sept 13-Oct 19, 2019

Hosted by BECYCLE Berlin, the inaugural BEbarre 60-hour Teacher Training will be led by master trainers Katherine LaPlant and Shirah Perry. Whether you are looking to start a new career, supplement an existing one with a practical and dynamic skill set, or simply want to improve your practice by deepening your understanding of barre from the inside out, this program will give you the tools you need. 

The BEbarre Training will give students an immersive perspective on what makes a barre class dynamic, effective, and fun. We’ll examine everything from the anatomical foundation of the exercises in our repertoire to the anatomy of a playlist. You’ll be methodically prepared to lead group barre classes at BECYCLE and beyond. 

For more information, click here.

Past Events


pilates for positive change

Fundraising for Grow NYC on August 10 at 10AM at The Space in New York City.

Pilates for Positive Change is about giving to great causes while doing something fun, healthy, and good for yourself…body, mind, and spirit. Presented by Britni Lariviere (founder of The Space) and Shirah Perry, this inaugural event is a 2-hour, butt-kicking Pilates Mat class to support Grow NYC’s environmental initiatives and their invaluable work making NYC a more sustainable and healthier place to live.

The class will be followed by cocktails and refreshments, gifts from our environmentally-conscious sponsors, and a raffle.

gifts by: merme berlin, follain, and The Space.

PLANT-BASED REFRESHMENTS BY: BIG SPOON ROASTERS, lavva, ripple foods, plus cocktails!

raffle prizes:

2 Educational Courses with COUNTER CULTURE COFFEE

1 Personalized Scent Experience from OLFACTORY NYC

1 60-minute Massage from Lia Bonfilio

1 Private Pilates Session with Shirah Perry

1 Private Pilates Session with Britni Lariviere

1 5-pack of Group Classes at The Space

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align + refine: Making your workouts count


Join Britni Lariviere, owner of The Space Pilates Studio in New York City, and Shirah Perry for a chance to go deeper into your fitness practice and rebalance your body. Proper alignment is the key to seeing visible results, as well as avoiding chronic pain and exacerbating unwelcome patterns of tightness. This workshop is all about giving you the tools to keep your body and movement practice as aligned, functional, pain-free, and effective as possible. Britni brings over 10 years’ experience as a leader in the New York Pilates industry and over 2 decades professional dance experience, and we are incredibly lucky to have her in Berlin!


What to expect: 75mins of learning practical anatomy, developing awareness tools, and problem solving common alignment issues, followed by 45mins of a butt-kicking functional training and barre-inspired REFINE class to apply everything you’ve learned!

Pro Lab: Reading Misalignments & Cueing for Success


The human body is brilliant at finding ways to stay upright in the face of structural deterioration. Every single student you have will have some form of misalignment and compensation patterns, but some will be far less obvious than others.  As movement teachers, we have a responsibility to know which exercises will be productive for our clients and which movements might reinforce potentially damaging compensations. We also must be able to cultivate our clients’ awareness of these movement discrepancies by cueing in ways that are approachable and actionable to them. While good cueing is one of the pillars of teaching movement, great cueing is what sets your teaching apart.

Join Britni Lariviere, master instructor and owner of The Space Pilates Studio in New York City, facilitated by Berlin-based Barre, Pilates, and Yoga instructor Shirah Perry, for an exploration of the power of language and touch as they relate to you and your clients’ experience of movement. This workshop explores how to identify less obvious imbalances, enabling you to give more productive, safer sessions and helping your clients to see and feel the difference. Expand your teaching vocabulary and develop strategies to creatively and clearly communicate actions and sensations with a protocol that feels natural for you and noninvasive for clients, as well as the tools to address what you see with confidence.


pilates for positive change

The space presents (6).png

Fundraising for Grow NYC on February 19 at 6:30PM at The Space in New York City.

Pilates for Positive Change is about giving to great causes while doing something fun, healthy, and good for yourself…body, mind, and spirit. Presented by Britni Lariviere (founder of The Space) and Shirah Perry, this inaugural event is a 2-hour, butt-kicking Pilates Mat class to support Grow NYC’s environmental initiatives and their invaluable work making NYC a more sustainable and healthier place to live.

Sponsored by: KENT Woman, Fine Deodorant, Girl Smells, Jao, and The Space.

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Pilates with a twist

A Creative Contemporary Pilates Workshop on Friday February 8, 1-3PM at LSF Pilates in Wayne, PA.

This is a creative, contemporary Pilates class for everyone from the Pilates-curious to the Pilates-addicted! Develop your mind-body connection with the Pilates principles — Centering, Concentration, Control, Precision, Breath, and Flow — by experiencing non-traditional Pilates exercises formulated to increase awareness and to help you understand your own body and its unique strengths and needs. Influenced by all types of movement practice, from yoga to functional training and anything in between, this class is all about making your body and mind both as strong and as easeful as they can be, to support your ability to do whatever it is you love doing!

Cultivating Resilience: The Stress Management Workshop

In collaboration with Naomi Rosen of Connections Health on February 2&3 at 1-4PM in Evanston, IL.


november — december: east africa

pilates for yogis in nairobi

An Asana-Inspired Pilates Class on Monday, November 19, 2018, 12:00-1:30PM at Acacia Yoga Studio in Nairobi, Kenya.

Pilates with a twist in zanzibar

A Creative Contemporary Pilates Workshop on Sunday, December 15, 2018, 10:00-11:30AM at Yoga Stone Town in Stone Town, Zanzibar.


autumn reset: pilates & yoga at holzmarkt

3 weeks of tuesday morning movement by the spree

tuesdays at 8:15AM


This beautiful light-filled studio is located in Chirohouse, part of the brilliant urban oasis at Holzmarkt 25. Join me for an hour of smart movement — part Pilates, part Yoga, lots of core and alignment work — to kickstart your Tuesdays and keep you happy, healthy, and strong through the transition into Autumn.

Screen Shot 2018-09-27 at 5.56.04 PM.png

ride & revive retreat

cycling and restorative yoga in catalonia, september 29 — october 3, 2018

This adventure is for men and women, who want an active, invigorating break from their daily lives. Our home and backdrop will be the beautiful city of Girona and its surrounding countryside. During our daily cycling we will indulge our wanderlust, explore the Pyrenees and beautiful Catalonia. These rides will be tailored to our guests’ interests and fitness level, so whether you are a beginner or an experienced cyclist we will make sure to accommodate your needs. The Yin Yoga session in the evening will provide a welcome balance to the days cycling and your daily life.

For more information, please visit: https://www.rideandrevive.com.


better body: the lower back + the deep core

discover tools to combat chronic lower back pain through mindful movement and intelligent training

Lower back pain is one of the most common ailments in modern society, and yet there is often no "easy fix" that the medical community can offer to those of us who suffer from it. For people stuck in a cycle of Physio visits, anti-inflammatory medication, bed rest, and maybe even cortisone shots, the resulting frustration can be enormous. This series of workshops offers resources to fight against past and present back pain and to work preventatively against flare-ups and future injuries. Empower yourself by developing a working understanding of what behaviors can put the spine at risk - both in and out of the fitness studio - and how to refine your personal movement practice to increase spine and core health and stability in a productive way.

To learn more about the content of the workshops, check out this blog post

The Lower Back Module takes place on Sunday, May 20, 2018 at 13:00 at BECYCLE in Berlin Mitte.

The Deep Core Module takes place on Sunday, June 10, 2018.