Corporate Classes


Sitting is Dangerous!

As more and more studies are finding out just how terrible the modern sedentary lifestyle is for our health, we are finally starting to pay attention to how important it is to incorporate movement into a day at the office! The growing popularity of standing desks, while a solid improvement, simply does not address the fact that the human body is not meant to stay in any one position for extended periods of time. Back, shoulder, and neck pain are ailments more common than every before, and can be traced directly to the poor posture resulting from looking at computers and phones all day.

Take charge of your own health, and offer your employees and colleagues the opportunity to do the same. Holistic Pilates provides In-Office classes to cut out travel time and enable the incorporation of healthy movement into the work day, allowing participants to recharge the mind, revitalize blood flow, and build muscular support for maintaining healthy posture.


Get in touch to find out more about bringing holistic pilates to your workplace. group classes, semi-privates, and privates are available.